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VirtualPBX Solutions is a fully serviced, Inbound & Outbound; on shore, near shore and off shore call center. We understand that every point of contact is an opportunity - to either establish new relationships or expand existing relationships - so whether it's informing prospects about your products and services or convincing your existing customers to buy more.

We can provide valuable assistance at any or every point of customer contact. Our teams of specialists possess the industry knowledge and expertise required to create and implement effective customer relationship management solutions. In addition we provide a highly skilled multi-cultural labor force, fluent in English and at least one other language. Work is functionality, not a site or location!

We will help you expand your business operations through call center services, staffed with highly trained client service representatives. We follow a very strict quality regime in every process undertaken with keen eye of the requirements of the client and our focused quality group evaluates processes internally based on a checklist of requirements, as defined by our clients.

We follow highly systematic processes in every step of the Project execution with constantly monitored quality parameters right from the receipt of documents to return of final delivery to the Client. 

Call/Contact Center provides inbound and outbound services as well as e-mailing services by professionally trained staff.

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