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Virtual Assitant Service

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a profoundly talented expert who can play out an extensive variety of managerial and business bolster jobs to take the weight off your business.

Our Virtual Assistants are profoundly prepared, exceedingly beneficial faculty who are utilized to huge volumes of yield and offer snappy turnaround times. They are preferably suited to pressure of deadlines and work when your business requires it, with a view to saving your time to expand your profitability.

Virtual Assistant | Lead Generation | Appointment Setting | Encoding/Typing Services | Cold Calling | Chat Support | Email Support | Administrative Task |          E-commerce Assistant | Web Development and Design 

Let us help you grow your business by finding and acquiring new customers or in maintaining a good business relationship with your existing ones!

Our years of experience helped us in determining how to improve and innovate. We have created very effective programs with our blended services that can help you achieve your business goals.

We go through a selection and screening process and select agents based on their evaluation scores. We will let you communicate to a pre-selected employees that passed our internal staffing standard. You talked to them directy! Have the ease of mind that your selected employees is doing what you needed them to do by communicating directly with them via your chosen communication platform. 


We have multi-skilled agents who handle our blended services projects and we accept as low as 4 hours a day minimum working hours for hourly rate projects. Just same as hiring your home-base employee but with 90% reliability.

Our office has no room for delays in meeting targets or business goals, We have a fully equipped office that home base employees don't have for the price of the same. We have team leaders that continuously monitor, coach, and will assist you along the way to your successful business venture at no extra cost. We have back up generator and high-speed internet of up to 200 Mbps and high-end computers to make sure that the operation will go smooth as expected from an office base structure.

Why Us?

We eliminate the disadvantage of having home-base employees such as;

Difficulty monitoring performance - there could be difficulty managing home workers and monitoring

     their performance. See effectively manage employees who work from home.

❌ Performance issues - possible deterioration in employees' skills and work quality.

❌ Cost of working from home - initial costs of training and providing suitable equipment,

    including adaptations   to meet health and safety standards and the needs of disabled employees.

Problems with staff development - difficulty of maintaining staff development and upgrading skills.

Information security risk - information security problems could be more likely to occur.
Increased telecommunications costs - for example, increase in telephone or broadband bills

    or the requirement to supply your employee with a mobile phone for work purposes.

Communication problems - could increase feelings of isolation amongst home workers.
Decreased staff morale - it can be harder to maintain team spirit when employees are working at

     different locations.

Not all jobs suit home working - working from home suits some jobs better than others. Equally,

    working from home suits some personality types but not others. Some people may prefer colleague

     contact by face to face communication.

What you get from US?

✔️ Flexibility in policy – We implement policies and ensure that we employ the right staff in terms

     of skills and experience in accordance with how your company operates.

✔️ Hassle-Free Payment – By simply paying a contract payment to VirtualPBX, we handle the administration

     of payroll internally, so you don't have to worry about things like worker’s comp, taxes, benefits, etc.

✔️Trainers (Communication and Product Specifics) – VirtualPBX identifies needs, designs

    training development, and produces a highly satisfactory sales and/or customer service representative

    for your company.

✔️ Secured Location – Our offices are located in a professionally managed high-rise building with

     backup generators to ensure that production and operation will continue during inclement weather

     or unforeseen circumstances.

✔️ Stable internet connection – With 3 Internet connection on  fail overswitch to make sure that we are

     are equipped with secure and stable internet connectioon with private static lines and reliable

     uptime to maintain productivity

✔️ Quality Headsets and High-end Computers – Our team had become more efficient because

     we have quality technology that produces quality work.

✔️ Shifts – VirtualPBX will customize the working days and hours according to a contract based

    on your company’s needs.

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