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You're a developing business and painting the best vision for your organization. Something you need to accomplish is to give fulfilling and helpful client administration to your client while keeping your costs low. Regardless of whether on the web or by means of the phone line, you need your clients to have the adaptability to get in touch with you. You promise to yourself that its absolutely impossible you would have the old ringy-shabby call focus that answers unattended telephones. You focus to address clients' issues in any capacity conceivable. 

In any case, the issue originates from your in-house staff doing your client benefit. They aren't exceptionally talented and sufficiently focused to complete the testing errand. So what on earth would happen now?

Would it be a good idea for you to outsource your customer service?


Customer service is an essential part of any business. Truth be told, it can represent the moment of truth an organization, paying little respect to size and complexity. In this period of relationship advertising, it's imperative to reach as positive and gainful as could be allowed. 

One approach to enhance your client administration and win buyers' reliability is through outsourcing. Utilizing an outsider supplier to oversee your customer mind tasks can give you generous and long haul advantages, for example,

Cut costs and save BIG

Associations running their own contact and satisfaction divisions frequently encounter higher expenses. Outsourcing changes over settled expenses into variable expenses and enables you to spending plan viably. No compelling reason to contribute on worker preparing, or acquiring costly innovation. Outsourcing your client administration to a confided in seller can enable you to save money on the capital consumption, time, and additional endeavors.


Get access to skilled expertise

Professional outsourcing providers have dedicated teams to provide outstanding customer service which can give your business a competitive edge. These personnel have diverse expertise and skills across different industry and technologies that can help you achieve superior quality and unmatched proficiency in customer service.

virtual assistant

Get access to skilled expertise

Proficient outsourcing suppliers have committed groups to give exceptional client benefit which can give your business an aggressive edge. These work force have assorted mastery and aptitudes crosswise over various industry and innovations that can enable you to accomplish unrivaled quality and unmatched capability in client benefit.

Increase your efficiency and competitiveness

Outsourcing your customer administration guarantees your clients get the assistance they require when they require it. This will make them more joyful and will abandon you less focused. Top specialist co-ops additionally have the ability to ingest sensational request shifts, empowering faster incline ups and slope downs than in-house focuses.

Increase your efficiency and competitiveness

Outsourcing your customer service ensures your customers receive the help they need when they need it. This will make them happier and will leave you less stressed. Top service providers also have the capacity to absorb dramatic demand shifts, enabling quicker ramp-ups and ramp-downs than in-house centers.



The inquiry may appear to be hard to each startup, however the appropriate response's pretty simple. Outsourcing email support allows you to use long periods of experience, quickly resolve client inquiries, and spare immense costs you would have acquired on an in-house group. How about we have a more extensive view on a portion of its advantages:


Cost Management

When contrasted with decreasing expenses for an in-house group by utilizing automated assistants or other programming, it's smarter to just outsource email support to a seaward group. Thus, cost administration gets troublesome with an in-house group, as consumptions continue scaling with time. Gear buy, upkeep, updates and capacity are just a couple of the numerous costs to be entered in the yearly records book. An outsourced group gives you better control over the costs without requiring the foundation from your end.

Better Focus on Productivity


A standout amongst the most widely recognized difficulties new businesses confront is a digressed center from their center tasks. Dislike they can't center around their qualities. In any case, as a general rule, it's basically in light of the fact that their opportunity and speculation is spent on assignments that could have been exceptional overseen by pros.

Email support outsourcing gives you an opportunity to center around your business' interesting offering recommendation and defeat your opposition while you leave the truly difficult work of messages to a confided in accomplice.

Improved Security


On the off chance that your business doesn't represent considerable authority in IT, it's possible that your in-house group will commit a couple of errors in the first place. It very well may be basic and in the midst of all the discussion about information protection and security, can put delicate data and procedures at risk. Offshore email support companies deal with such dangers all the time, and thusly, stay comfortable with the accepted procedures to keep the information sheltered and secure.

Recovery & Backup


For each business, information is a significant asset. Most new businesses and private companies aren't set up for recuperation from calamities. Information misfortune can convey any organization's activities to an inconclusive end. Each email specialist co-op backs up information, and can rapidly recoup it at whatever point required.


Our team of appointment setters take enquiries from the inbound leads generated through our digital channels as well as through outbound activity such as personal letters.  We qualify opportunities and schedule appointments with the right people at the right time.

Let us take the burden of cold calling off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best - CLOSING the SALES!


  • Risk Free, No Money Out Program

  • Pay Per Result Program

  • Face-to-Face Meeting with Qualified Prospect

  • Real-time Scheduling and Cancellation

  • No per hour fee, No month fee, No Hidden Charges

  • We pay for everything to run the campaign

  • Purely commission based program on per valid appointment.

  • Genuinely interested client or we don't book it for you.

  • Complete transparency, recordings are always available upon request.

  • Fast Return of Investment

  • Build Your Sales Pipeline.


How it Works

We Contact the Decision Maker
We Generate leads and Book  appointment.
We Quality Check the call.
We Transfer/Send You The leads
Man in Blue Shirt

Troy Bernard, 

Vasumo have increased present expectations in virtual associate industry with a polished methodology and range of abilities that is as one of a kind as they seem to be. Their blend of understanding, advancement and specialized information makes them an absolute necessity enlist as I would see it. Their identity as experts will attract you to them however their identity as individuals will keep you returning for more!"

Portrait of a Smiling Man

Adam Watson

I am extremely content with the administration at VPBX. My devoted Virtual Assistant has been extremely responsive, capable and skilled. Also, VPBX gives completely extraordinary client benefit. Much obliged VPBX for dealing with my plan for the day so I can concentrate more on my business."

Young Martial Arts Trainer

Dan Migro

"Enlisting a virtual partner from VPBX has ended up being a fabulous move for my business and myself! Since my VA is so talented at such a wide assortment of essential business errands I can center completely around my customers. There is an immediate line from his work to more income for my business. He is an expert and it appears! Much obliged VPBX! "

Girl's Portrait

Natalie Litel

I am so appreciative to have a colleague from Vasumo on my group. He's so snappy and proficient, and spares me innumerable hours consistently. With all the additional time I've had I've possessed the capacity to invest more energy making profitable substance for my locale."


Barney Compe

Bootstrapping my start-up has abandoned me with zero time for making media/advertising material. My magnificent VA encourages me with print plan, site support and has even made a 2 minute explainer video. Goodness. Attempt to beat that! Completely astonishing administration."

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